This is the landing page for my love of the BOFH episodes, a collection of stories written and uploaded to the internet by Simon Travaglia of New Zealand.

Simon wrote many of these stories years ago and they are available via many websites in parts but nowhere as a whole. I took it upon myself last year to compile these all in one place.

All of his episodes have been converted to PDF. The PDF's are named the episode title. Each PDF has a centered image representing the co-copyright holder if any of where they were hosted or digitized, followed by the Series heading, the copyright statement giving credit to Simon, the subtitle of the episode and the date of the story specifically. I no dates were available, ie 1999 prior, the year is added prefixed by circa to denote a general timeframe.

Simon retains all rights to his work.

The epiodes are ficticious rendering of working in Information Technology.
Simon's own Thoughts on his episodes follow.